Guilty Pleasure | Cinnamon Pastry Glass Candle

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Make your in-laws fall even more in love with you. Light this sucker up just before they arrive and it will smell like you've been baking all day!

Sweet buttery dough, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla.

Each candle will have a hidden confession inside from others who have submitted.

* Some may contain graphic descriptions, sexual content, explicit language and/ or unconformable topics *

S I Z E | B U R N  T I M E
12 ounces | 70+ hours

M A D E   W I T H :

  • 100% Natural soy wax sourced within Ontario
  • Fragrance oils, sourced in Canada & United States
  • Phthalate, paraben and lead free
  • Wooden wick for slow, crackle and soot free burn
  • Vegan/ cruelty-free

Proudly made in Canada.