Are candles safe for dogs?

With dogs being a mans best friend, it is understandable that we are curious to know if the scented candles we enjoy so much are safe for our furry friends. Did you know that dogs can smell 100,000 times better than humans? So it’s safe to say that your dog may be enjoying your candle more than yourself!

The short answer is yes, our candles are safe for your dogs. However not all candle companies will be using the best ingredients so it is important to always take precautions in reading labels and following candle safety guidelines.

Read the label
Even though Konfession uses safe ingredients, other companies do not. So pay attention to the labels. Look for a candle that says 100% soy wax (natural wax). A lot of big corporations will market their candles as “soy wax” but notice they don’t say 100%. That is because they are sneaky and cut the soy with paraffin waxes. When you light a 100% natural wax candle it produces little to no airborne particles. When you light a candle that is cut with paraffin wax it releases harmful toxins such as toluene. Now the amount that is released won’t cause catastrophic problems, but it’s not the healthiest.

Are candles safe for dogs? Konfession

Some companies have other products (room sprays) that may release synthetic scents that could effect the respiratory system causing asthma. Harmful toxins such as naphthalene or phthalates could cause more serious diseases such as cancer. Look for a candle that states it’s free of lead, phthalates and synthetic dyes.

Safety measures
Always follow candle safety guidelines.

  • Keep your candle in a well ventilated area. This is to ensure your dog isn’t being suffocated with the fragrance of the candle.
  • Keep out of reach from your animals. This will help keep their tails safe from flame and so they don’t mistake your candle as a yummy treat. The most that will happen if your dog eats a candle is an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Another idea is to use wax melts, that way you still get to fill your house will a delicious fragrance, but it would be flame less. This would be especially great for cats who would still pump onto your counter tops!

So are candles safe for dogs? Yes. But always take precautions like you already have by looking this up!