Konfession is a small Canadian business located in Kitchener Ontario. A brand new concept that has never been done before! We have definitely found a little hole in the over saturated market. (by the way... when I say "we/ us" I mean me... Lindsay). I am a one woman show!;)

The importance of our mental health crisis has been lingering in my head for many years now. With the pandemic happening, our mental health has been at an all time high! So with my passion and background in social media, marketing, decor and all things beautiful I came up with this fun yet challenging concept!

Konfession is all about creating a safe place on the internet for people to tell their stories and be heard. The reality of life is some things are hard to confront and talk about. So Konfession is an open platform where we can be fully transparent & authentic with each other. It's a way for us to be vulnerable and share our experiences, allowing us to learn and understand from someone else's perspective.

Not only do all of our candles come with a hidden "Konfession"/ secret inside... they are also made with fine as wine ingredients. Our beautiful handcrafted concrete vessels are made in house. We use 100% soy wax that is sourced within Ontario, as well as our beautiful candle scents. We use wooden wicks (sourced from the US) because they burn more clean, last longer, have a unique aesthetic and are more therapeutic with their crackling ambiance. Everything is made with pure love, and now this is the candle that keeps giving because you're left with one mysterious secret inside! (visit our submit section on our website).

If you are someone who does not pass judgement on others, gets hyped about juicy stories, is compassionate, has a good sense of humor and loves indulging in a bottle of Jacobs Creek... then you may have found your soul tribe! Welcome!

We talk about most topics here, some may be triggering and in that case we will attach a trigger warning prior to you opening it.

Topics can include insecurities, deep desires, naughty stories, embarrassing moments, advice for others or just a simple love note. We don't hate, we don't discriminate and we DO NOT JUDGE.  Our vision is to create a world with less judgement. This is your safe place, and your secret is safe with me.