Who is Konfession?

Konfession is a small Canadian business located in Kitchener Ontario with the goal of connecting strangers from around the world with our burn to reveal candles.

We have created a safe space online for people to tell their stories and be heard. An open platform where everyone can be transparent and authentic with each other. It is a way for us to be vulnerable and share our life experiences, allowing us to learn and evolve as humans.

Not only do all of our jar candles come with a hidden secret inside... they are also made with the finest ingredients to keep you and your family safe! 

We take pride in:

1. Our candles are 100% soy wax and is sourced within Ontario.

2. All of our fragrances are phthalate and paraben free keeping your home and health clean!

3. Our wicks are also lead FREE!

4. We DO NOT test on animals and all of our products are vegan friendly! We adore our furry friends over here.

5. We are Canadian baby!

If you are someone who does not pass judgement on others, gets hyped about juicy stories, is compassionate and has empathy for others, has a good sense of humour and loves indulging in a glass (bottle) of Jacobs Creek... then you may have found your soul squad!

We talk about most topics here. Some may be triggering and in that case there will be a trigger warning prior to revealing.

Topics can include something you’re proud of, insecurities, traumas, lessons, desires, naughty stories, embarrassing moments, advice for others or just a simple love note to a stranger. We don't hate, we don't discriminate and we DO NOT JUDGE.  Our vision is to create a world with less judgement. This is your safe place, and your secret is safe with Konfession.