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Well where do I begin? It all started with a dream, a vision and purpose. Or does that sound too cliché? Well it's true. I'm just your average girl with a HUGE dream and this is where I start my journey. Well actually my journey started way back so let me start from there.

Should we go back to 2015 when I dropped out of my first college program? Or maybe 2012 when I got expelled from high school. No? What about my first suicide attempt back in 2010? Mmmmm, well regardless of where we start you can see that I have my past. Just like you have yours. My point is... we all have things about ourselves that society has shamed us for. We are told not to be proud of those monumental moments. Why do we push those memories back and pretend like they never happened? Why are we as a society so obsessed with the idea of a picturesque life? Now hear me out... those memories aren't the greatest, but it has shaped me into the person I am today. And your past has done the same. So why are we not celebrating our victories of getting through those hard times? Personally I believe that trying to live a "picture perfect" lifestyle is what creates jealousy, resentment, depression and anxiety. All we see/ hear about are the "final results" that people post about... but for some reason we never hear about the heartbreaks, the mental breakdowns or our really embarrassing/ funny moments.

Another cliché moment but here we go... I whole heartily do believe that everything happens for a reason. Also, divine timing is MAGICAL. We are constantly being put through these trials and errors and looking back I can see why I had to go through everything I did. It may have been nasty to deal with at the time... but I got through it. You got through it! WE got through it!

I am so proud of every f*cking thing I have overcome. As should you! I am proud because it has lead me to "that moment". The moment I knew I wanted to create an inclusive brand where we can be fully transparent. Where we can be proud of ourselves, hold ourselves accountable, embrace our insecurities and reminisce on all the funny/ embarrassing/ naughty moments in between. I wanted to create a brand where we celebrate both our losses and victories. If only we know how alike we really are...

So fast forward to 2020. The year the whole world shut down. I had just graduated college and was looking for work in my field. Well as you could guess... that didn't go as planned. I think the Universe had different plans for me. So I buckled down and used my time in isolation wisely and came up with a concept. More then ever before people (including myself) are in need of an outlet like this. A safe place for you to tell your story and be heard... regardless of your situation.

After a couple months of being in lock down and multiple panic attacks later... I said to myself "I'm doing this, and I'm doing this now". I took the bull by the horns and took a risk. I spent my little savings I had and here we are... a year later Konfession is officially up and running! I am so excited to share this experience with you guys and see where this brand takes us!