Do Candles Help With Anxiety?

Candles have been around for centuries. They were first invented as early as the tenth century BCE. Candles have continued to develop over the years and now Konfession has found a whole in the market. Konfession took that extra step to help with mental health. Not only have candles been proven to help soothe us, but now you have a secret inside to let you know that whatever you may be going through… you aren’t going through it alone!

Scented candles have been used for:

  • Meditation
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Healing
  • Brain stimulation

    Aromatherapy can help reduce pain and stress. One of the most effective ways to relive stress is by using aromatherapy. By exposing your senses to strong smelling scents such as candles and essential oils can positively affect your stress levels and hormone production.

    candles for anxiety, Canada Ontario, KonfessionThe top candle fragrances to reduce anxiety:
    1. Vanilla- Increases endorphins and uplifts your mood. (Adult Supervision)
    2. Apple- Controls anxiety (Poison)
    3. Lavender- Relaxes both body & mind almost immediately. (Attitude)
    4. Cinnamon- Makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. (Guilty Pleasure)

    Wooden wick

    Konfession made sure to use wooden wicks when designing their candles because of the crackling ambiance they give off. According to studies, an outstanding 96% of consumers prefer a wooden wick to make them feel more calm. You can’t argue with that!

    Ways to use a candle to help relax:

    • Enjoy a long warm bath with your favourite candle burning.
    • Wind down at the end of the day with your favourite Jane Austen novel while burning a calming scented candle.
    • Light a candle when you start cleaning (just don’t leave it alone unattended)!
    • Candle lit dinner! Romantic and stress free. What could be better?