How To Recycle Your Old Concrete Vessels

Cleaning Instructions

To remove wax from your concrete holder, pour hot water into the candle and the soy wax will heat up and float to the top. Leave until cooled and remove the wax from the top. Do not scrub with sponges, this will result in damage to the vessel and discoloration. Always use hot water, dish soap and a gentle cloth to clean.

Here are some classic ways you can reuse your concrete candle.

We have specifically designed our concrete vessels to not have permanent logos on them. We did this with the intent of people reusing them.

1. Refills : We are excited to announce that we will soon be offering wax refills to fit our concrete vessels. Confessions will still be included. Just clean out the old wax, and plop your new wax mold into the holder. Good as new! :)

2. Planters : Turn your old candle into a pot for your plants! My old one is currently housing a baby aloe! :) A clean and chic decor look for your home.

3. Sage bowl | Crystal house : This is the PERFECT size of bowl to house your sage! It will even hold a couple small crystals. Just pour some Epsom salt at the bottom and let your crystals float on top.

4. Food dishes | charcuterie boards : With our brand being a modern industrial aesthetic, our vessels would look STUNNING in a charcuterie board. Imagine it holding a beautiful, rich cranberry sauce, a yummy pesto or some almonds! Mmmmm

5. Bathroom/ beauty/ jewelry holders : Use your empty candle jars as storage! Clean up your bathroom/ jewelry area with some aesthetically pleasing holders.

If you have any other great ideas of how to reuse our candle jars, make sure you share with us on social media! We would love to see what you have created! :)