Are Candles Really Vegan?

Hello my lovely candle enthusiasts! Today we're here to shed some light on a question that's been buzzing in the candle community: Are candles really vegan? With the rising popularity of eco-friendly products and mindful consumerism, it's essential to know what goes into the candles we burn to create those aesthetic vibes in our homes. So let's take a minute or two to talk about the world of candles and uncover the truth about popular waxes.

Let’s cut right to the chase shall we…

Vegan friendly waxes include: Soy, coconut, palm and rapeseed wax.

NOT vegan friendly waxes: Beeswax and any other candle that includes stearic acid (animal fat) which tends to link to paraffin waxes or blends.

Now.. with that being said, candles have been in our lives for over 5000 years. The evolution of candle-making has taken a fascinating turn. Among the various wax options available, soy wax has emerged as a vegan-friendly alternative that many are loving. So, what's the deal with soy wax?

In the quest to create candles that align with ethical values, many candle manufacturers have swapped traditional paraffin wax for soy wax. Derived from soybeans, this wax is renewable, biodegradable, and doesn't involve the harming of our furry friends. A win-win for both us and our home on Earth!

But wait… there’s more! Beyond just being vegan-friendly, soy wax candles offer a cleaner and healthier burn compared to their paraffin counterparts. They don't emit harmful toxins like benzene and toluene, making the air in your cozy abode fresher and safer to breathe. Plus, the absence of those black sooty marks on walls and furniture means you can bid farewell to the sneeze-inducing residue.

Key benefits of buying a vegan (soy) candle:

  1. NO animals were harmed in the making of these candles.
  2. Sustainable natural resource and is 100% biodegradable.
  3. Your soy candle will burn more slowly allowing it to last longer.
  4. Soy wax is easy to clean up (just wash your candle vessel with warm soapy water and reuse your container).


Now, let's talk about the fascinating trend that's been taking the candle world by storm – Burn to Reveal! If you haven't experienced the joy of these captivating candles, get ready to be amazed! POV: A seemingly ordinary candle with an air of mystery, but as it burns, it unveils a hidden message within from a friendly stranger. It's like having a mini-adventure in the comfort of your home!

At Konfession, we believe in the power of fostering a strong, candle-loving community. That's why we curate the most unique and ethically-made candles to light up your life while keeping our planet's well-being in mind. Our soy wax candles are not only vegan but also crafted with love, making them the perfect companions on your journey to mindful living.

So... next time you're on the hunt for a new candle to brighten up your space, remember the magical experience of Konfession and the adventure of our candles connecting strangers from around the world. Your home, heart and the environment will thank you!

Happy candle hunting and keep spreading love, laughter and awareness!