Our Scents

A list of our candle scents we currently offer.


Hush, lily and rose water, Konfession candle scent

Hush | Lily & Rose Water: Our signature scent! A light floral fragrance that will fill your room with a clean, fresh and feminine aroma. Our Hush candle is a blend of rose water, lily petals and fresh patchouli.


Temptation, Cotton candy candle scent, Konfession

Temptation | Cotton Candy: A delicious blend of raspberry, lemon, wild berry nectar and candied sugar. Despite the name it is not overly sweet, more of a light berry scent.


adult supervision, creamy vanilla candle scent, Konfession

Adult Supervision | Creamy Vanilla: Glad you caught our oxymoron there, but its always the quiet ones you need to watch out for! Our vanilla fragrance is a classic rich and creamy blend of coconut butter, mimosa and vanilla bean.


Champagne candle scent, Konfession, Canadian candles

Champagne: Pop that bottle, raise your glass and let's celebrate! Our Champagne Shower fragrance is a juicy sparkling scent with a shadow of strawberry. 


Attitude, lavander and jasmin candle scent, Konfession

Attitude | Lavender & Jasmine: Got an attitude?;) Lavender relaxes both body & mind almost immediately! Feel like the princess you are with our lovely clean, fresh mixture of jasmine, lily of the valley and lavender.


Standards, Patchouli scented candle, Konfession, Canadian candles

Standards | Patchouli: Fun fact, the scent of patchouli helps fight off depression. It encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine! The beautiful floral scent is made of woody tones and rich, sweet patchouli.


Fearless, Blueberry candle scent, Konfession, Canadian candles

Fearless | Wild Blueberry: More like a fresh blueberry pie scent. Our blueberry fragrance is made up of blueberries, prunes, biscuit batter, cinnamon and finished off with creamy vanilla.


Poison, Red apple candle scent, Konfession, Canada

Poison | Red Apple: Just letting you know this scent will make your mouth water. Fill up your home with this blend of apple, peach, bergamot, cinnamon, clove, vanilla and tonka bean.


Intensity, pumpkin spice candle scent, Konfession

Intensity | Pumpkin Spice: Every girls favourite! Fresh creamy pumpkin with a spicy blend of nutmeg, clove,  cinnamon, vanilla bean and sugar.


Orgasm, Vanilla Chai candle scent, Konfession, Ontario Canada

Orgasm | Vanilla Chai: Our vanilla chai fragrance is a replica of the Starbucks chai latte. Orgasm in a candle. ;) Sweet creamy base with cardamom, clove, cinnamon and vanilla.


guilty pleasure, cinnamon pastry candle scent, Konfession

Guilty Pleasure | Cinnamon Pastry: Make your in-laws fall even more in love with you. Light this sucker up just before they arrive and it will smell like you've been baking all day! Sweet buttery dough, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla.


Daddy, bourbon cologne candle scent, Konfession

Daddy | Bourbon Cologne: You know that guy who sits across the bar from you? He is a well dressed gentleman and you can smell his cologne from a mile away? This is that smell. A very strong masculine scent made with musky and earthy tones.


Enchanted, Northern pine candle scent, Konfession

Enchanted | Northern Pine: Imagine walking through a forest during winter and inhaling the fresh pine and brisk cold air. Mhmm... our Enchanted scent is a strong, yet fresh and calming blend of fir balsam, hemlock, pine needles, Tonka and a pinch of vanilla.


Widdow, fireside candle scent, Konfession

Widdow | Fireside: Who can resist cozy vibes? Our fireside blend is mixed with  lemon, apple, mint leaves, Canadian fir, eucalyptus, clove, crackling wood fire accord, patchouli and musk. And... yes I spelt it wrong on purpose (I think it looks more cool with the double "D"). ;)


More scents coming soon!