Bellini + Sparkling Prosecco 3 Wick Soy Candle

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An exciting summer staple!

Introducing our delightful peach bellini and sparkling prosecco candle. The perfect fusion of juicy peach, prosecco, banana, papaya and vanilla.  Allow the mouthwatering scent of peaches transport you to summer.

Top notes: Peach nectar & sparkling prosecco
Banana & papaya
Vanilla butter

15 ounces | 425 grams | 30 - 60 hours of burn time

Each candle is hand poured in small batches.

  • 100% natural soy wax sourced within Ontario
  • Fragrance oils, sourced in Canada & United States
  • Phthalate and paraben free
  • 3 cotton lead free wicks
  • Vegan friendly + cruelty-free
  • Recyclable frosted white glass

Burn to reveal a hidden surprise from a stranger.

Every soy candle comes with a confession hidden inside. These secrets are sent in anonymously from others around the world! Join the Konfession community to help spread love, laughter + awareness!

*Some could contain sexual content, explicit language or uncomfortable topics. A trigger warning may be included.*

Proudly made in Canada.