3 Oz Wax Melt | Peach Bellini + Sparkling Prosecco

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Give your living space a refreshing hit of flameless fragrance. A safe alternative to burning candles with our new Eco friendly 3 ounce wax melts.

A sweet, juicy and refreshing treat. Paired with sparkling prosecco and peach to make this delicious summer staple!

Top notes: Peach nectar & sparkling prosecco
Middle: Banana & papaya
Bottom: Vanilla butter

To use the wax melts, break 1 or 2 cubes depending on your room size and put them into your wax warmer. To clean, wipe out your warmer with a paper towel when wax is hot and refill with 1 or 2 cubes.

* Please note that a confession is not included with the wax melts. *


3 ounces/ 85 g | 120+ hours burn time

Made with:

    100% natural soy wax sourced within Ontario

    Fragrance oils, sourced in Canada & United States

    Phthalate, paraben and lead free

    Eco friendly packaging

    Vegan/ cruelty-free